Enriching Your Campus Experience

Welcome to the Memorial Student Center, the student programming body for Texas A&M University.

Our student-led programming committees bring all kinds of programs that make campus a better place to be. Our programs will make you laugh or dance, help you learn more, introduce you to exciting ideas and people, or just add some flavor to your college experience.

Keep Up with the MSC

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The MSC In-Depth

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Enriching Your Learning Experience

Students produce our programs, which means members of MSC student programming committees prepare for their professional careers by doing things that professionals do.

Produce Programs

Students like you develop program ideas. They develop promotional campaigns. They manage budgets and raise funds. They host guest speakers and artists. In short, they make the programs happen and get practical experience in the process.

Lead Organizations

Students like you become leaders in the MSC, which means they make decisions. They lead budgeting and planning efforts. They build collaborative relationships. They recruit and train new members. Basically, they get the type of leadership experience most graduates only receive after years of work.

Build Networks

Students like you build important social and professional networks. They meet and work with other students, faculty, administrators, and former students. They collaborate and communicate with business leaders, academic researchers, and artists. They make friendships that often last a lifetime. Essentially, they build social capital, which is a critical ingredient for happiness and success.

Join Us

If what we do sounds intriguing and you'd like to be part of producing MSC programs, then look into joining one of our 17 student programming committees or 6 resource areas.

You'll learn by doing. You'll get some fantastic professional and leadership experience. You'll meet great people who share your interests. And you'll be part of bringing great programs to Texas A&M students!